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HighRise Developer

A modern, cross-platfrom, opensource clone of the classic SimTower game.
Alpha One moves closer to reality
Sat, Oct 03 2009 by AlabamaCajun
Highrise Developer advances. The first semblances of a playable game start to take shape. After weeks of work we start to see people move into apartments, going to work int the morning and returning in the evening. Placement is still a little unpredictable but most of the code is in place to handle placing rental space for offices and apartments. Elevator placement, expansion of floors, new floors and the lobby need to be added. Work on getting a cross platform file load and storage dialog has started. The decision remains between wxWidgets or making our own and feeding XML into ceGUI to give us controls. Once these items are in place we should reach a stage that allows us to build the first alpha. This will give the public their first view of the running app and a chance to give feedback. We are still in desperate need of one or more graphic artists. The work is currently 2D stills for the textures. The Team: rjfrank.nj - UI, event pipe, state engines and original design. crazy2be - sub systems, storage, XML
[b]Technical Details![/b]
The time clock was connected to the people to set them in motion. Time triggers the events that drive the peoples life activities. The offices have an employee limit and count of people working that governs if activity is seen in the office during work hours. The apartments have an occupant count that governs if people live there and if they are home. Animation will reflect occupation of the people home, away or vacant apartments. Elevators of driven by the paths of people going to work or returning home. XML file save and load is mostly done, we just need to add a few more properties for the offices and save the people. Work remains to get the schedules worked out so people get to worn on time, work long hours or go home on time. Animation sequences need to be completed to give the offices and apartments more natural flow. Graphics for the animations are still in demand as we are short skill artists to render the textures. Elevator routing and queues still need some touchup to indicate when people are waiting and move cars to all the call floors. Next on the list is to get the UI dialogs to let the user select a file, save and open games.

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