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A modern, cross-platfrom, opensource clone of the classic SimTower game.
Pre-Alpha released early to gain interest.
Wed, Oct 07 2009 by alabamacajun
After 6 weeks in development the first Pre-Alpha is being released. This release is only to get this project known and start getting feedback on the project. This pre-alpha is only a demo and only allows a few rooms to be placed into the tower. The time runs, day and night cycles with the change if background color. Offices have workers taking the elevators and going to work. In the evening they retire to the available apartments or leave to tower to a home elsewhere. Animations reflect activity in the offices and apartments, people ride the elevators and at night the people go to bed and close the curtains. At around 5:30AM they rise to restart the whole process. We still need one C++ developer and one or two graphic artists to finish the product. A lot has been done in a short time but it is ready to be programmed to the next level and make it a fully functional simulation game.

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